WHITE HORSE LIVE #11: Jay Brown and Bob Hinkle

Saturday, July 4, 2020, 8pm: Jay and not-so-silent-Bob exchange songs and stories in celebration of the U.S.’s birthday!

Support Local Performers!

Because we’ve had to close our doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, artists and our stage crew are suddenly out of work, and our concert hall sits empty while expenses pile up. We’re asking you, our White Horse family, for assistance while we work on new ways to bring you the best in live music.

White Horse Black Mountain

Building Community through


A Community Comes Together

My name is Ramsey Hinkle.  My Dad runs White Horse Black Mountain. He does not have Coronavirus but he has been under the weather. He was recently diagnosed with Flu A which, compounded with COPD, made the healing process longer.

I live in Brooklyn but was able to travel to Black Mountain to try and help him recover.  When I arrived he was in bad shape.  When I left he was watching TV, complaining about politics and very very worried about White Horse.

While in Black Mountain I was overwhelmed by the community’s love and concern for my father and for White Horse but just as importantly and impressively, by the love everyone showed for the community itself.

I am back in Brooklyn with my wife and daughter now, hoping I can find a way to share the love I felt in Black Mountain with at least my immediate Brooklyn community.

My Dad, White Horse, and the amazing White Horse supporters are looking for ways to help the community help keep White Horse alive.  They’ll begin by presenting a series of live streamed shows beginning on Friday March 27 with the wonderful Brian Hilligoss and band at 8 PM.  The series will take place at White Horse with very good production, fine talent and that White Horse “homey” feel.  Watch this site for listings.  There will be more.  Stay tuned.

Donations will be (and are) being requested to help keep White Horse going.  Given what I saw in Black Mountain, I have no doubt the community will support White Horse so it can continue for years to come.

Passing vibes of health and love to everyone.


COVID-19 Update

As you know, we’ve had to close our doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the need for “social distancing”, for everyone’s safety, we can’t invite you to performances. However, we are working on new ways to bring you the best in live music via the internet. Stay tuned for updates, both here and in our email newsletter. Haven’t subscribed yet? Now is a great time! Fill out the news form and we’ll keep you posted by email.