About White Horse Black Mountain

White Horse Black Mountain is
a unique performance and event center in the heart of
Black Mountain NC
focusing on

We feature a variety of events of all types including music, storytelling, puppetry, poetry, theatre, films, community events, benefit events, workshops, and much more.

We are:

  • a place where a variety of music and performing arts are presented in a relaxed setting;
  • a true listening room where the focus is on celebrating the connection between artist and audience;
  • a place where the power of music to transform the mind and uplift the soul is fully manifested;
  • a place where all are welcome and where good people, good music, and good times abound.

Our Facility

Our 3000 square foot facility seats 140 people, with bar seating and standing room for 60 more.  The curved high ceilings are made of wood and create amazing natural acoustics.  We’re housed in the historic brick McMurray Building which was built in the 1940s as an automotive dealership.   We offer state-of-the art sound, cabaret-style (table) seating, an outdoor patio, and a bar/concession area serving beer, wine, and snacks.

Our Programming

On any given night you’re likely to enjoy classical music, jazz orchestras, blues, bluegrass, native American, pop, or just about any other type of music. We also host theatrical productions, puppet shows, poetry events, benefit concerts, films and other forms of entertainment.

Our Aspiration

We’ve adapted a quote from The Drumbeat of Life by Sebastian Bakare to apply to our hopes and dreams for White Horse Black Mountain:

“We aspire to be a sign of life and the heartbeat of the community. We celebrate the power of music to evoke emotions, to touch the souls of those who hear its rhythms and melodies. In an African community, coming together in response to the beating of the drum is an opportunity to give one another a sense of belonging and of solidarity. It is a time to connect with each other, to be part of that collective rhythm of the life in which young and old, rich and poor, men and women are all invited to contribute to the society.”

from The Drumbeat of Life by Sebastian Bakare

Our Mission

White Horse Black Mountain is passionately committed to providing quality entertainment in a family-friendly environment where all are made to feel welcome. 

We strive to present performing arts which are uplifting and inspiring to individuals and the community at large. 

We believe our events go beyond mere entertainment and we seek to uplift, to inspire, to transform both the audience and the artists who perform here. 

We seek to serve the community in a variety of ways and make our facility available at reasonable prices for community events, for benefit events for non-profits, for weddings, rehearsals, reunions, parties, fairs, and celebrations.

In addition to the performing arts, we are committed to being a place where people connect to spirit and the sacred in a variety of ways including workshops, seminars, films, celebrations and concerts focused on a broad spectrum of themes related to Spirit.

Our Belief in the Transformative Power of Music

“There is an inner connection between music and the spirit. When language aspires to the transcendent and the soul longs to break free of the gravitational pull of the earth, it modulates into song”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sachs