Hello, friends! On behalf of all of us at White Horse Black Mountain, we hope you are staying safe and well during these tumultuous times. While we can’t see your faces in person just yet, we are eager to continue to connect with you virtually through White Horse Live, our online concert series. We are proud to announce our lineup for June live streams! 

A note from Bob Hinkle:

“White Horse Black Mountain believes the current uncertainty also comes with a time of opportunity for music and the arts. Live streaming has become ubiquitous. Many artists, other creatives, and entrepreneurs have stuck their toe in the live streaming pool (it seems to be one of few pools with any water in it at this point). 

Our series, White Horse Live, is discovering that the live stream is its own medium.  It’s the most intimate, most revealing, and most ‘of the moment.’ Doesn’t replace the live show with an audience but instead becomes its own thing, a wonderful addition. It requires believability from the artist and the presentation. It’s real… really real.  Hard to hide when it’s just artist, art and the cameras. AND it’s a medium that has all sorts of room to grow and develop into fresh creative content not otherwise available. 

In this, a time when it’s harder to get excited, we are excited about White Horse Live. We’re upping the production values, making our streams sound and look great. Most importantly, you can enjoy White Horse Live from the comfort of your couch, where all sorts of treasures and loose change are available if you just feel around between the cushions!”

We invite you to join us for the following events: 

June 6th – Brian Hilligoss with special guests Hannah Murray and Paul Rene McIntire

Brian has quickly become a White Horse favorite since he first played here some months ago. An Americana/country singer, player & songwriter of great talent, Brian also brings the audience into his songs and repartee in such a way as to leave folks better for being there and smiling to boot.

June 13th – The Riccardis

Sandy and Richard Riccardi have been taking on the political world with their patented blend of comedy cabaret and socio-relevant lyrics since their first viral video, “Hockey Mama For Obama” back in the simpler times of 2008. They have continued to entertain over 60 million viewers with hits like “Tiki Torch Nazis,” “The Boy From Mar-a-Lago,” and most recently Sandy was featured on the Roy Zimmerman mega-hit “The Liar Tweets Tonight.” Their first solo public performance since lockdown, Sandy and Richard are thrilled to be back in one of their favorite venues, the White Horse Black Mountain, to guarantee laughter in the midst of pandemic-monium.

June 20th – Josh Goforth

Josh Goforth is a mountain virtuoso. He plays the fool out of all the instruments, sings up a storm and has any number of funny and touching stories about his life and times in Madison County’s Sodom community.  Comparisons with Doc Watson are inevitable but Josh doesn’t need’em.  He’s in pretty rare air all by himself.

June 27th – Bardic Alchemy

Bardic Alchemy is a three-piece heavily inspired by Celtic tradition with a modern electronic twist.  The group does everything from soothing melodies featuring various pipes, flutes and whistles to high-energy dance tunes.  There is great guitar work, djembe and flawless three-part harmony.  Bardic Alchemy is a trip well worth taking.

White Horse Live is a production of White Horse Black Mountain and Radhaus.Studio, streaming live at 8 PM EDT each Saturday evening. Tune in at http://whitehorse.live or on Facebook. We hope to “see” you soon!

-The White Horse Team